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New LED Light Panels

We are now offering the latest in LED Light Panel technology at prices you won't believe! 595 * 595 * 11.5mm Panels from £20.00 + vat.

Direct from Our Factories to You

We are the only company offering Climate Control solutions direct from our factories to you, the customer. This means that there are no middlemen between ourselves and you, thereby keeping the price as low as possible. Normally goods that are not in stock can be delivered within 6-8 weeks, depending on the season. Installed prices start from as little as £1620.00 including VAT!

Climate Control or Air Conditioning

Traditionally Air Conditioning systems use refrigerant gas for cooling. If customers required heating then the supplier would charge additionally for this. ALL Cooling Direct systems supply cooling and heating functions and this is already included in the price. Some of our systems even supply domestic hot water as well  This is why we differentiate between Climate Control and Air Conditioning so that our customers understand that there are no additional costs. All our systems will also de-humidify to remove any excessive water from the air, thereby making the local environment much more relaxing and soothing.


Climate Control is also an ideal way to reduce hay fever and similar airborne pollutants as windows can be closed to restrict pollen input into the room and a controlled environment can be maintained.
For millions of people, taking a breath is a major accomplishment. The culprit, asthma, affects many millions of people around the world, including millions of children.
Asthma is a chronic disease that inflames the airways. The bronchial tubes swell and constrict, making it hard for air to flow easily in and out of the lungs.
Most asthma in children is allergic asthma, although adults also can have allergic asthma. Allergic asthma means that asthma symptoms become more intense, perhaps resulting in an asthma attack, when the individual is exposed to allergens to which their immune system is sensitive. The inflamed airways of asthmatics are sometimes described as twitchy, and inhaling pollens, moulds, animal dander or other allergens can cause the airways to become even more inflamed, produce mucus and constrict.
With non-allergic asthma, sufferers’ symptoms worsen when they are around certain irritants, such as viruses, weather changes, anxiety or other triggers. Unlike allergens, these irritants do not cause a reaction in the immune system, but they do worsen symptoms for asthmatics.
For both types of asthma, environmental control and avoidance of triggers, plus the use of anti-inflammatory medications for persistent asthma, will decrease symptoms.
To avoid pollen: Keep windows and doors closed and use air conditioning. Keep children inside when pollen counts are high.

The above information was supplied from the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology Web Site
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