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We are delighted to have been appointed the UK distributors for the Mapo range of Electric Gates. The gates are able to either run following a track or completely trackless using magnets placed on the drive surface. The gates are available to cover various widths from 3 metre to 14 metre openings. Controlled by either an indoor unit or remote controls the gates offer both security and elegance not seen before in Europe.

Each gate can also have a double sided LED display enabling the site to show a message such as the name of the property and also displays current date and time.

The Black Warrior series shown here has Aluminium facings with black painted finish throughout the rest of the assembly. Many other designs are available.

One of the main advatages of these gates is the lack of site work needed for the installation. All work is above ground and the electric motor is mounted inside the tractor unit meaning there is only one electrical connection to be made. Available for either left hand or right hand installation. The gates are available in a number of finishes and designs. Please contact us for further details.

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Installed Prices* £250.00 + VAT per metre
£885.00 + VAT for the Tractor Unit (tracked System)
£1200.00 + VAT for the Tractor Unit (Trackless System)
(subject to survey)

Extra Remote Controls £ 35.00 + VAT
LED Display One Side   £ 150.00 + VAT
LED Display Both Sides £ £285.00 + VAT

Example for Tracked Black Warrior (as shown) :-
5 Metre wide opening + 2 Additional Remotes + LED Display One Side
£885 + (5 * £250.00) + (2 * £35.00) + £150.00 =
£2,355.00 + VAT
* Subject to T and C's and Survey.