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Cooling Direct Retail Showroom

Jan 2014

Why not come along to our retail showroom in Addlestone, Surrey and see the NEW Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing sensation! We have just fitted the first of these to a house in Windlesham and a second is being fitted in Ashford, Middlesex.

demoFrom simple single wall split type to full central climate control with heating, cooling and domestic hot water, everything is on show.



Cooling Directs Central VRF Multi Function Climate Control (MFCC) systems units are available from 12kw up to 45kw, but allow scaling up to 1280kw by combining up to 32 units together. VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow and is a highly efficient system using inverter technology for the compressors, and by varying the amount of refrigerant supplied to each indoor unit depending on the demand. PLease note that systems above 10kw will require 3 Phase electricity unless two or more small units are coupled together to give the required power.

Both 2 and 3 pipe systems are available. By using a 3 pipe system it is also possible to combine both heating and cooling simultaneously so that whilst some rooms are being heated others (such as comms rooms and server rooms) can be chilled. This minimises the amount of outdoor units and increases the working efficiency. Offering up to 175 metres maximum pipe run and 70 metres vertical between indoor and outdoor units our VRF systems are ideal for all types of buildings. By using heat recovery techniques, up to 15% reductions can be made in the running costs of the 3 pipe system by using the surplus heat from some units to assist others.

The flexibility continues inside with 9 different types of units including Wall Split type, Floor Standing and Cassettes. Each system can run up to 64 indoor units.

Due to the specialised nature of this equipment please contact us for prices and specifications.



products and specifications are subject to change.