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from 2003 to 2013


Cooling Direct Retail Showroom

Jan 2014

Why not come along to our retail showroom in Addlestone, Surrey and see the NEW Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing sensation! We have just fitted the first of these to a house in Windlesham and a second is being fitted in Ashford, Middlesex.

demoFrom simple single wall split type to full central climate control with heating, cooling and domestic hot water, everything is on show.


About Us

In the Beginning:

When we started Cooling Direct back in 2003 Air Conditioning was seen as a luxury item for the home and small office. The main customers for the Air Conditioning companies were large corporate and customers with large budgets for their IT and Comms rooms. The cost for a small Air Conditioning unit for a single bedroom installed was around £1,600 + VAT. We supplied and installed the same unit for £900 + VAT! Cooling Direct invented the concept of a single charge for supplying and fitting Air Conditioning as long as it met simple criteria such as pipe length and condense drainage. So, if it was a complicated installation, that became our problem and not the customers.

The Growing Years:

During 2003 to 2013, the understanding for Air Conditioning has grown a great deal in the UK, mainly due to people travelling and seeing the benefits whilst in other countries. Cooling Direct has changed the conception of Air Conditioning from being just a medium to keep cool to a complete climate control system as all our systems supply both cooling and heating and the bigger systems even supply domestic hot water as well! Air source heat pumps are incredibly efficient in both cooling and heating modes and unlike ground source heat pumps cheap and easy to install. 

Where we're going:

Cooling Direct will continue to bring innovative climate control systems to the UK directly from our Chinese factories, direct to the customer. No middlemen, so no hidden costs. We use our own installation teams so that we are fully in charge of the quality control that is so necessary in this type of product.

Our new Showroom in Addlestone allows the customer to come in and see the products before purchasing and talk about their requirements to ensure 100% satisfaction.


Showroom Details:

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