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Cooling Direct Retail Showroom

Jan 2014

Why not come along to our retail showroom in Addlestone, Surrey and see the NEW Samsung Q9000 Floor Standing sensation! We have just fitted the first of these to a house in Windlesham and a second is being fitted in Ashford, Middlesex.

demoFrom simple single wall split type to full central climate control with heating, cooling and domestic hot water, everything is on show.


Solar Water Heating

Using Solar energy, our evacuated tube solar panels give the best performance in the most varied weather conditions. The Cooling Direct solar system will continue to supply domestic hot water even on cloudy days. During the winter support via a gas boiler or one of our Air Source Heat Pumps will ensure that the tank temperature is maintained for all uses.

Evacuated tube solar collector uses all-glass evacuated tubes to absorb solar energy and transfer it into heat energy. The Aluminium fins then transfer the heat to the copper U pipe. When cold water fills the U pipe from the hot terminal the cold water is heated and becomes hot water. Use of a pump to make circulation between solar collector and the storage water tank creates a continual feed to the hot water tank




Image showing Water Flow

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Solar Water Heating System

Available in tank sizes 200 litres and 300 litres

all systems have a Stainless Steel inner tank for corrosion free use, electric heater, 1 or 2 Solar Array's and frame, Control Station, Circulation Pump, Relief Valve and expansion Tank.

 200 litre Systems Start from £1995.00 + VAT and Installation

300 Litres systems from £2,195.00 + VAT and Installation